Monogram Initial Necklace

Monogram Necklace

monograms were and still are a unique way to create a personalized art item. Your letter initials are used as the base of a unique design. Monogram necklaces are not different, you provide your 3 letters initials and a unique necklace is created just for you. This unique ability to create a unique personalized necklace presents and affordable way to create your own fashionable necklace.We would like you to browse through our unique monogram necklace collection and choose yours. The monogram necklaces will be adored and will grab attention. Your inertial letters are part of your personalized fashion statement.

Silver  Monogram Initial Necklace

silver monograms are uniquely silver jewelry items made to your specification. You will provide us with your letter initials and we will create your unique necklace and send it your way. A silver monogram is a unique way to show your fashion uniqueness.

Silver Curly Monogram Bracelet

Gold letters Monogram Necklace

gold monograms are an option to create your monogram in a precious metal .  Altough the gold monograms are higher in price they still represent an affordable way to give a unique personalized gift

Gold Monogram Necklace


Acrylic Monogram Initial Necklace

Acrylic monograms are becoming the trendier option to have a unique monogram. The variety of colors allow you to additionaly personalize you monogram